ZARMA by Barlow

Home designed by: Barlow Building @barlowbuilding

Stones used:
Romano Classico Travertine

Builder – BARLOW Building
Photographer – KVDB  @kristian_van_der_beek

Stone mason | Hot Rock Granite @hotrockgranite
Stone | @finestone_graniteandmarble 

Zarma: A Celebration of Raw Materials and Natural Beauty

ZARMA by Barlow is the personal home of owners Chelsea and Sam. They envisioned living and working in a space that celebrates the beauty and authenticity of raw materials.

They have achieved this beautifully with a home that perfectly marries the rugged elegance of raw materials with the tranquility of nature. Zarma stands as a testament to the beauty found in imperfection and the unique textures that only raw materials can offer.

At the heart of Zarma lies the luxurious kitchen, that showcases the exquisite beauty of natural stone. The countertops and backsplash are crafted from Romano Classico Travertine, a stone renowned for its stunning texture and warm, earthy tones. This choice not only adds a touch of elegance but also ties the kitchen seamlessly to the home’s overall theme of raw, organic materials. The natural veining and unique patterns of the travertine create a visual centerpiece that is both functional and aesthetically striking. Complemented by custom wood cabinetry, the kitchen is designed for both everyday family meals and sophisticated entertaining, embodying the perfect blend of luxury and nature.

The design philosophy of the home highlights the natural imperfections and unique textures, transforming them into captivating features. The result is an environment that feels both timeless and refreshingly contemporary.

High ceilings and large windows allow for an abundance of natural light to flood the interior, further accentuating its organic textures

The home is designed to be a place of calm and tranquility. The use of organic materials adds warmth and texture, creating a soothing environment. Each room flows into the next with an understated elegance, characterized by clean lines and a soft neutral colour palette that complements the raw materials.

“The finestone products we featured in our stunning kitchen at ZARMA by Barlow is the classic creamy Italian travertine. We wanted to bring this warm natural stone throughout the entire kitchen, butlers, laundry and BBQ space to give the home a sense of comfort and luxury at the same time,” says Chelsea


For Chelsea and Sam, Zarma is more than just a home; it is a personal sanctuary that reflects their love for the beauty found in nature’s imperfections.

Zarma stands as an inspiration for those looking to create a home that respects and celebrates the natural world. Through its thoughtful design and the intentional use of raw materials, it offers a living experience that is as grounding as it is inspiring.



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