Main Beach

Kitchen designed by: Wood Marble and White

Stones used:
Indian Jet Black Granite (honed)
Supa White Dolomite (Honed)
Emerald Quartzite (Honed)

The work of Wood Marble and White never misses and this project is no exception. We’re excited to feature their recent Main Beach project.



The project involved renovating a Main Beach apartment, primarily focusing on crafting a luxurious kitchen that harmonizes with a feature Super white dolomite stone fireplace.

The client’s request included integrating teal accents, addressing pantry storage limitations, utilizing architectural curves, and seamlessly incorporating a wine fridge.

But Wood Marble and White have gone way beyond and created a bespoke kitchen  that hides functionality in plain sight with luxury finishes, a bold colour palette and, of course, the enduring beauty of natural stone.


Design styles blend opulence with contemporary elements, infusing vibrant teal tones for an elegant yet functional space.

Challenges included ensuring a balanced integration of teal tones, harmonizing the Super White dolomite stone with the fireplace, finding innovative pantry storage solutions, leveraging architectural curves for enhanced flow, and integrating the wine fridge seamlessly into the design.

Chloe and her team have done an outstanding job, seamlessly integrating various strong design elements to create a stunning, functional kitchen that harmoniously connects with the rest of the home.

The natural stone used in this project shines.

Indian Jet Black Granite had been applied to the back kitchen benchtop to seamlessly blend in with the black internal radius drawers and Gaggenau cooktop.

Super White dolomite (Honed) has been utilised as a decorate face to the rangehood to marry in with the fireplace completed earlier in the year (also from Finestone)

Emerald Quartzite (Honed) Takes centre stage along the beautiful island benchtop and has been applied in flutes to each radius end, encasing the wine fridge and wrapping into the island face.

“Finestone offer an amazing range of Natural stone, they have a wonderful team to work with and their showroom is easily accessible.” says Chloe

Wood Marble and White should feel a huge sense of pride in this project.

From the ribbed glass to the custom fluted barn pantry door, each element harmonises to create an elegant sophisticated kitchen.

“The challenge of crafting internal curved drawers that follow the apartment’s curve was a thrilling design feat, pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities.” enthuses Chloe.

The fusion of Indian Jet Black granite with Emerald honed quartzite on the island creates a beautiful contrast that instantly captivates the senses.

This kitchen is truly a masterpiece in layers, texture and design ingenuity.


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