Feature Project – Sydney St by Koda Design

19th Jun 2024

Builder: @HNT Builders

Building and Interior Design: @Koda design , @becpower.designer

Photographer: @mkemp.co Mitchell kemp

Stone used: Calacatta Viola Marble


A Fresh Take on Modern Farmhouse

In the world of interior design, the Modern Farmhouse style has become a beloved choice for homeowners, known for its cozy charm, clean lines, and inviting ambiance.

Koda Design was tasked with bringing a distinct point of difference to a Modern Farmhouse home and boy have they delivered!

But, make no mistake, this was a team effort. Owners of the home – HNT builders – worked closely with Koda choosing the inspiration for the interior design – the beautiful Calacatta Viola Marble.From here is was a matter of bringing Kodo’s vision to life.

They approached their brief by layering with natural materials such as stone, brick, and timber, and by keeping the design open plan. Rustic finishes were an important element to honour the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic and enhance the home’s charm and character.



Maximalism Meets Minimalism

One of the standout features of this project is the perfect balance between maximalism and minimalism. Koda Design introduced bold colors and patterns in specific areas to create visual interest and focal points. Vibrant violets, striking pinks, and sophisticated black borders were used as bold accents.

To offset these bold elements, a minimalist approach was used in other areas with neutral tones in the cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, and transitional spaces, creating a sense of calm and harmony.




Calacatta Viola: The Heart of the Home

At the heart of this stunning design lies the spectacular Calacatta Viola marble in the kitchen. This luxurious marble became the central feature around which the rest of the interiors were designed. Its striking veining and rich color palette provided the perfect inspiration for the home’s aesthetic.

The designers at Koda Design were meticulous in their selection of this key material.

“We were very selective with finding the right slabs of Calacatta Viola and were very happy when we came across Finestones’ beautiful pieces. From the beginning, the interiors were designed around the spectacular Viola marble,” they noted.

This marble not only serves as a functional surface in the kitchen but also as a statement piece that ties the entire design together.



Layering with Texture

Koda Design’s approach to layering the home with texture is evident throughout. Exposed brick walls in key areas add a sense of history and texture, providing a striking contrast to the otherwise clean lines of the Modern Farmhouse style. These brick accents ground the space with a warm, earthy feel.

Timber played a crucial role in the design as well. From the feature staircase to herringbone floors, the natural grain and rich tones of timber added depth and character to the home. The timber-look cabinetry in the kitchen, bathrooms, mudroom and laundry further reinforced this modern rustic charm, creating a cohesiveness and flow through the home.



Open Plan Design

An open-plan layout was essential to the success of this project creating a sense of light, flow and continuity throughout the home. This not only enhanced the feeling of spaciousness but kept a contemporary feel and allowed the rustic finishes and bold accents to shine without overwhelming the space.


This home exemplifies how thoughtful design can bring new life to a popular style. By layering the home with a range of textures and carefully balancing maximalism with minimalism, they honoured the design brief with something that that feels both warm and familiar and refreshingly new. The use of Calacatta Viola marble as a central feature, along with exposed brick, rich timbers, and bold colors, resulted in a space that is warm, inviting, and full of personality.

This project stands as a testament to the power of contrasts in design, proving that when executed with care and creativity, they can result in truly stunning interiors.



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