Calacatta Marble

Regarded as one of the finest marbles, Calacatta Marble is more scarce than the popular Carrara Marble from Italy.  Whilst both marbles come from the same region, Calacatta is regarded as the finer of the two, which is remarkable given the fact that Carrara Marble itself is renowned for it’s quality and history.  Michelangelo’s David was sculpted from Carrara Marble and is noted for it’s purity and whiteness.

Calacatta Marble is highly regarded because of it’s beautiful veins and thick patterns.  It is usually observed to have a more dramatic white than grey tone and often features gold and brown undertones.

Generally, Calacatta will have fewer veins than Cararra, but the visible effect of the more dramatic veins in Calacatta marble makes it stand out immediately.

Calacatta, just like Carrara has been favoured by the Italians for thousands of years.  As well as it’s natural stone beauty, these marbles are valued for their durability.  The smooth texture of the marble is soft to the touch, with very few imperfections, impurities, or porous qualities.

Calacatta marble is frequently used for high-end bathroom vanities, and shower walls, but its properties also make it suitable for kitchen bench tops and flooring.  It’s an expensive choice, but if you want to create an impression Calacatta marble will speak out loudly.